Who we are

University Bible Fellowship (UBF) is an international Christian evangelical church and student organization dedicated to the task of campus evangelism. It was founded in 1961 as a campus ministry of the Presbyterian Church to teach students the Bible and to help them live according to its teachings.

From its inception, UBF has participated in Jesusí command to love and preach the Good News to all people of the world. UBF has sent over 1,000 missionaries to serve in 87 around the world to teach the Bible and raise up local college students and young people as future leaders of their nation. Our local ministry has been serving NC State and the surrounding area since 1996 with a focus on one-to-one Bible study and worshiping God.

We encourage NC State students to study and pray in order to follow Godís calling; to serve God in their classrooms and dormitories while at college and wherever they go after graduation. To this end, in addition to one-to-one Bible study we also have weekly Wednesday group Bible studies and Sunday worship service in Talley Student Center, and participate in join events and worship with other NC State ministries and local churches.